Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Take these broken wings, and learn to fly again...

This is how completely pathetic my subconscious is: the abovementioned wickedpoignant lyrics in the title of this post crept into my brain, I am sure, because I was - again - feeling sorry for myself for getting kicked in the ass by the flu for the second time in three weeks. Oh, Mr. Mister: realize it or not, your lyrics will inspire me to get my stank body out of my pajamas and into the shower tomorrow. You know what? I will learn to live so free. I might even empty the dishwasher. Thank you for your divine inspiration.

In honor of the double Mister, I am going to share some beautiful pictures of three other glorious misters who have affected my life dramatically. I feel like each of these senors could take care of me in his own special way in this, my time of need. (Oh - and I am lazy and about to go to bed tromping pathetically and coughing for effect the whole way up the stairs). Which one is your favorite? Or, perhaps you are partial to another mister? Let me know. Peace out., anyone? I will!


Timmy said...

Only Mr. Miyagi for me, please.

the frogster said...

Just looked at humor-blogs and saw this on the middle scroller. Now I have that unpardonable song in my head. Thanks, thanks a lot.

Richard said...

As the Yin to your Yang, I offer Mr. Hankey (the Christmas Poo) to balance out your Mr. Whipple.

In response to your Mr. Science, I offer wise old Mr. Owl, who proved how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie-pop.

Christopher Hewett was good as Mr. Belvedere, but the show would have lasted many more seasons if the title role had been cast with Mr. T.

Some of my other favorite Misters are:

Mr. Burns - I had a boss once that looked a lot like Mr. Burns.

Mr. Peanut - Who can resist a nut in a tophat and cane!

Mr. Clean - Surely on Dub-B's top ten list.

Mr. Ed - Come on people, a horse that talks. Pure genius!

Mr. Right - The man that everyone's mother wishes their daughter would marry.

Mr. Wrong - Cougar bait

Mr. Peabody - The owner/operator of the Way Back Machine. The person you turn to when you wish you erase that encounter with Mr. Wrong.

Malcolm said...

I had the cassette version of the Mr. Mister album that contained "Broken Wings" (Welcome To the Real World). I wish that TV Land or somebody would bring back "Mr. Belvedere". I used to like his interactions with the young kid Wesley.

Franken Berry said...

Maybe Mr. Furley will ring your doorbell and deliver just what the doctor ordered. I have a feeling Mr. Roper would have a better bedside manner, but Helen would probably just bound in and bust things up.

what's a donzer said...

Timmy: I agree. Mr. Miyagi is an honorable man who would never encourage anyone to sweep the leg. Good call.

Frogster: my bad. I blame it on my Waah Waah whoa is me tendencies.

Richard: Very nice. The Hankey/Whipple parallel as well as the Mr. Wizard/Mr. Owl touch were profound. Mr. T. is always the perfect man for any role. And, I like all your additional Misters. Especially Mr. Wrong, Cougarcat that I am.

Malcolm, I, too, would love the return of Mr. Belvedere. It was one of my favorites, even though they went and cast a non-dreamy oldest son in Kevin. Wesley always made me laugh, though. And, oh, hopeless Heather. Why aren't they all on our tvs today?

Franken: I'd welcome Mr. Furley up in this house, anytime.

Cathy Duke said...

Do you have a fever? Need a sweater? Call Mr. Rogers.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

This is what we did to Mr. Mister's song at my house. It was not a proud moment for the formerly manly-man superstars of the 80's.

Tape These Broken Wings

Larken said...

Not to be maudlin, but could we get a shout out for Mr. Hooper (of the eponymously named store on Sesame Street, not the basketball coach)? I loved that old man.

Also, how jealous are you that we got a bonafide crazy-ass-bizarre FORMALDEHYDE holiday today? You left too soon, dude. (Note to garage bands: "Formaldehyde holiday" would kill as a band name.)

cory said...

9 comments and no mention of Mr. Mom?!? What a shame.

Michael Keaton's finest hour, if you ask me.

Freddy said...

I thought for sure you'd give the creep Mr. Rogers a shout out...but my all time favorite Mr. by a mile is also Mr. Hankey.

what's a donzer said...

Nice suggestion, Cathy. And, tell Patty I said hello.

Elastic WBL: that was HILARIOUS, and not at all what I was expecting. Awesome.

Larken: A very respectable call. I was always the world's biggest Gordon groupie. Interesting how he and Marie never aged, yet I look old enough to ne their parents. Oh, and what is this I hear about you running across the gymnasium with a jar of fetal pigs in your hand yesterday?

Cory: I agree that Mr. Mom rules. And, I want my woobie.

Freddy: Mr. Hankey is a classic. You know, he loves me, and I love you; therefore, vicariously, he loves you!