Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This one's for you, Humanity.

In response to the following astute little observation my spouse fired my way today - "You know, your posts don't always have to be so long," - I am going to grab the hint by the satchel and proffer a hasty stocking stuffer, just for you.

Today, I am not writing my dissertation on the ill-fated downfall of Willis Drummond. Instead, I am humbly presenting to you a Wednesday Limerick Duo.
Here you are.

There was a young skeez from the Hills,

Whose fake lips and teets paid the bills.

But in Skanky’s defense,

It’s the work of a Spence.

Stupid hooch, all our brain cells she kills.

There once was a wank named P. Shore

Who became quite the media whore.

Many girls on their knees,

Got a taste of the Weas,

And their dignity flew out the door.

There you go, honey. Brevity.
now you have time to click here:


cory said...

Touche, m'lady. Touche.

Jinksy said...

"Buuuudeeee. That was kinda harsh." (in my best Pauly Shore voice).


You were bang-on.

Richard said...

(In my best Stewie Griffin voice) Your Pauly poetry is spot on.

Speaking of Pauly Shore, his career went downhill faster than Picabo Street in the 98 Olympics in Nagano.

Anyway for all the nugs the Weaze may have offended, this link's for you.

kevin said...


what's your email address? i'd like to exchange blogroll links with you. i dig your writing style and i am 100% behind the big top pee wee reference. let me know.

dub-b said...

Ooh...I love limericks! Can I give it a try?! Thanks!

There once was a governor from New York
Expensive call girls he did like to pork
He got caught in dc
to the sum of fourty-three
She must've been damn good at polishing his dork!

cory said...

Richard, I just want to thank you for sharing that link with us... The Weaze has had that one coming to him for 20 years!

cory said...

As much as it pains me to say it, it turns out the pauly shore knock out was staged. After an extensive internet investigation, I stumbled upon this video.

Richard, go peddle your fake Pauly Shore knockout videos elsewhere, you're no longer welcome here :)

what's a donzer said...

Dub-b, I don't know what you do for a living, but if it doesn't involve penning topical political poetry, you are missing your calling.

Oh, Paulie Shore. You continue to stir controversy 19 years after you should have disappeared from my conscience. Richard and Cory, thanks for the enlightening entertainment. I have forwarded both links to Harvey at tmz.

Oh, and I like that some say "Weas" and some say "Weaze." I think it is these kind of differing presuppositions that make the world go round.

Malcolm said...

I find it ironic that Pauly Shore's parents founded the comedy club The Comedy Store given that he is one of the unfunniest cats in movie/TV history.

Your limerick was funnier than anything that guy ever did.

Laurie said...

THOSE are quality limericks!

thanks for the reply to the poem i posted - i had no idea there was a "sequel". it's excellent! thank you!