Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sexy Programmer Thursday: Hotness Version 2.0

Happy Sexy Programmer Thursday, playas! You and I both know what time it is: it's time for us all to get a little bit of our naughty on. Oh, I'm sorry - did I interrupt you watching that gut-busting video of the monkey blowing a big Hubba Bubba bubble out of his butt for the ninth time? Well, turn your attention this way, because it's now time for our weekly journey of euphoria. Here's a little paradoxical algorithm for you to ponder: while today's balla is currently providing us with our own voyeuristic fantasia on this very page, he himself is responsible for providing millions - nay - trillions of peeping toms the ability to get their rocks off anytime they desire (incuding you and your bubble butt chimp, sickie). You see, our boy Jawed Karim is the man who first thought of internet phenomenon You Tube - and he is one of You Tube's three cofounders.

There are so many profound layers to our stud o'the week's uberdeveloper framework. Sidle up and settle in: we're about to get schooled, Karim the Dream style.

So let's get down to the nitty-gritty, shall we? Here's the DIRTY DISH on our Casanova. Purrrr.

1) Our beautiful Bengali was born in Germany, so gentle Jawed is an international hottie, and English is this stud's third language! Ooooh, Herr Karim: you can whisper your coded sweet nothings into my framework anytime, Stud. Das ist gut. Das ist very, very gut.
2) Hey, Jawed? Are your calves tired? Because you've been racing around my mind alll night long. You know where else Jawed has been racing? Uh, everywhere! Our virile hunka engineering love often races 100 miles on his bike working out those bangin genius endorphines. You go, Speed Racer!

3) He's worldly, he's robust, but our Renaissance man is also a real romantic. Before ideating the You Tube juggernaut, J-Dawg created an online video site called "Tune In Hook Up" that apparently "drew little interest." Want my theory? All the ladies tuned in to hook up with our Jaws. Sorry, ladies: there's only so much of our boy to go around!

4) Our Hunktown native can drop some philosophizing on that piece. Listen to these metaphysical words from our silver-tongued fox: “Every evening when I leave school or work, I step out and look up at the sky and I see the stars. Science has helped us a great deal, but fundamentally, we know nothing really, about the bigger questions in life.” Those honey coated musings are like lyrics rivalling the best Extreme song, aren't they?

5) Finally, our adorable programmer is a real pioneer. Need proof? Jawed starred in the very first You Tube ever - 18 seconds of bliss simply titled "Me at the zoo." Enjoy!

Thank you, Jawed. You are more than words. You wear the Sexy Programmer sash well.


Richard said...


Now I really know who was responsible for “the internet going nuts”.

Shame on you Paul Wall.

Katy said...

More improtant than the question "what's a donzer?" is how on earth does a donzer know and find all this fascinating stuff? How does one find the first video on youtube? Amazing

what's a donzer said...

Yeah. And Jawed pulled it off without the convenient crutch of a crunktastic grill.

And, it wasn't so much that I found this stuff - more so that the strong carnal magnetism of Jawed drew me toward him and all things J. Karim.