Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Now imagine if they'd had some Wesson on hand.

I have been the planet's biggest loser deadbeat lately, but as freaking soon as I saw this, I had to hightail it all crazy-ex-boyfriend's-Camaro-like-fast to tell you all about it. It's my favorite formerly femulleted fictitious mom of all time (who - spoiler alert! - is incidentally allegedly rumored to be in some serious contract talk to headline one of Mullatio Enterprises' very special holiday edition films...Have Yourself Some Very Brady Mullatio anyone? Seasons Greetings, indeed!) involved in some seriously hot lip-action with my favorite badass judicious queen of sass. I think this particular beautiful brand of lady love deserves a haiku, am I right?
Menopausal lust,
Florence. Judy. A gavel.
Passion knows no age.
Just because I don't call you or write you or visit you as often as I'd like doesn't mean I don't still love you. No matter what, I still wanna hold you in parentheses. Happy Wednesday. visit humor-blogs.com, yes?


Alice said...

Ewww...that kiss is all lippy and creepy...thanks for that.

Meg said...

I didn't know Florence had it in her. I'm actually impressed.

cory said...

Check out those GILFs!

Freddy said...

Good for flo and judy! Loved your haiku!

Malcolm said...

I wonder if Flo and Judy fight over who's going to be on top. I can hear Judy barking to Flo, "I'm the boss apple sauce!"