Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sexy Programmer Thursday: Inaugural Edition

I know, I know: I just inundated you with hotttness only yesterday! Well, my friends, we are about to raise your temperatures to a wholenuthalevel. In honor of my superfox husband and the BSGs* with whom he works, I'm gonna treat you ladies in the hizzy (and, let's be real - you fellas, too) to a brand new feature on this blog is eggsalady:

Sexy Programmer Thursday!

This land is rife with computer programming foxes, and I am going to bring them to you weekly - one delectable techie at a time. So dim those lights, toss the cork off a bottle of Ballatore, and make yourself comfortable. Here come the studs.

We're commencing the maiden hunk voyage with a true programming hero. I believe you've heard of a little thing called Microsoft Word, haven't you? Well, this guy created it. Without further adieu, I give you Richard "Quiet Lion" Brodie. ROAR!

Here are some FUN FACTS about our Quiet Lion:

1) He's single, ladies, and presumably ready to mingle.
2) He's a jokester. Want some evidence? This computer whiz has a home page entitled "Welcome to Richard Brodie's Home Page" that is definitively, absolutely the most bushleague website (after this blog is eggsalady) that I have seen in all my days.

3) He's now a professional poker player, and a real ROYAL FLUSH, if you ask me!

4) He's exersexy! Richard loves to get his workout on ridin his recumbent bike.

5) He's soooooooo deep! He says he lives in "Level 3", which he explains as "not just living consciously, but consciously choosing the memes I allow to program me." Richard, is there room on Level 3 for two? What's a meme you ask? Only "the basic building blocks of our minds and culture," according to Smarty McSmartington. Wow. Quiet Lion: Call me!
So, here's to you Richard Brodie, our first ever Sexy Programmer of Sexy Programmer Thursday! You'll be a hard act to follow!
*BSGs = Battlestar Gallactica Gs, as in gangstas. These dudes are stone cold, believe me!


cory said...

Wow!! I'm giddy with the delight at the thought of what future Thursdays have in store for us. Who will it be?!?! Vishwas Lele, Colt Kwong, Juan T. Llibre ?!?! The possibilities are endless!

I know one thing for sure... I'll see you first thing every Thursday morning!

Rocky Jr said...

Wow! Now I have something to look forward to on Thursday mornings!

Try to include some posts about the excellent female programmers out there. I'm sure you can find enough out there for at least 1 out of 52 posts.

what's a donzer said...

Play your cards right, rocky jr, and you might even get some animal programmers in the mix, too.

If my husband can do it, there's got to be some monkeys out there programming, too, right?

cory said...

some monkeys that can program?!? Surely you jest.

there is an entire consulting shop full of monkeys ready to tackle you're most challenging software development needs.

Brian said...

Now how can this guy NOT win the sexy programmer of the week??

what's a donzer said...

Oh, Brian. The photo says it's public, but I still feel the need for permission: I have been searching for about nine and a half long years for the perfect tattoo subject to adorn my upper back. May I, humbly, use this fry loving programmer as my back decor? This greatness deserves to be immortalized.

Brian said...

Now donzer...I read subliminally into your comment that you really wish you were that french fry. And this picturesque specimen actually has his own tattoo in a very private spot (I snuck a peek in the ladies room). Loverboy would be very proud of the likeness.