Sunday, February 17, 2008

Doing the blog dance...feeling the flow...

I don't think that's exactly how that saying goes. But, I'm setting forth on blogsville, half-full speed ahead. The baby's in bed (henceforth , she shall likely be fondly referred to as "Cornflake"), the husband's out on the town, the weiner-dog is asleep. I am home alone and just cannot watch this episode of Making the Band 18 again. I have read the Star Magazine with the Olsenites cover to cover, and I have pretended to do the same with the Newsweek on the nightstand. So, here I go. Bloggin'. I am not sure how this will all turn out. I am permanently on Al Gore's hate list as every diary I had as a kid had three completed pages max, the other lonely pages naked and free of heart-dotted i's. My track-record of recorded introspect is not so great; thus, perhaps this here blog should be less introspect, more outrospect, if you will (will you?). I am a teacher on a break from teaching to rear a child. I am a writer on a break from writing to actually find time to do some writing. I am a wife and a dog chaser and a closet People's Court watcher. Mmmkay. Here comes the blog.

reflexive questions:

1) Did that introductory-ish paragraph count as the first real blogged blog, or does the next post with a specific topic (assuming that blog will: a) see light; and b) have a specific topic) count as the first real blogged blog?

2) Does a blog with no real focus count in the face of so many rockin blogs about momhood or politicshood or zany-spoon-collectorhood?

3) Should a blog with no real focus remain largely neutral on topics such as momming or politicking or zany-spoon-collecting? Is a focus-free-blog allowed to express opinions, when it is not even bold enough to express a focus?

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