Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Feliz cumpleaños, Anderson Cooper!

Yep, A-Coop turns the big four one today. If I were allowed anywhere near CNN Studios (still playing hard to get are we, Wolf Blitzer? Touche'.), then I'd hand deliver a heaping slice of red velvet cake to the birthday boy, and I'd buy him a Coke. Instead, I'll raise my glass to the Silver Fox during 360 tonight and fondly remember A-Dog's days hosting The Mole. Aaah, weren't we all both younger and purer back in those simpler times!

I also came across the following photo tonight, and I thought you might like to see it. This lady has some pretty gangsta Anderson Cooper ink, don't you think? He's perched right atop her cherry (wishful thinking, indeed!) and is apparently being fondled by her butterfly. That's what I call A New Tattitude!

So a Happy Birthday to you, Anderson Cooper, you big hunk! And here's to many, many more....


Freddy said...

Great post. Anderson Cooper is hot and from what I hear plays on my team...
So weird he used to host The Mole and now it's back on!

Alice said...

I'm shaking my head in disbelief. That tattoo.... good grief.

And hey - I loved The Mole!

John said...

Very timely post. After many years, The Mole was on last night and I'm sad to say that it is still not the same without Anderson Cooper.

I'm not sure why he gave up his CNN gig to get a chance to be back on The Mole after Ahmad did such a poor job of things.

Bee said...

I was so disappointed to find out he wasn't hosting The Mole!
I drooled every time they'd show him and he was a character himself.
Happy B-day Mr. Cooper!

Meg said...

Freddy, Anderson Cooper gay? That makes me want to do bad things to myself right now.

No wait, I just remembered. You (not Freddy) love My Jeff Tweedy, too. Which means you're my new best friend.

OK. All is good.

what's a donzer said...

Seriously. I agree with you all. An Andersonless Mole is a mole I do not want in my hole.

Alice, you'd totally think a Wolf Blitzer tatoo was a good idea, in theory of course, though, right?

And, yeah, John. Ahmad friggin Rashad? Where the hell was Mrs. Huxtable to put the kibosh on that obviously awful idea?

Freddy, I will fight you for this one. Maybe our respective teams can have a Winner Take All tournament with Anderson as the ultimate prize?

Bee - A hot character!

Meg, so divine to have harmony and peace, some Wilco and a side of Anderson Cooper, isn't it?