Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Even Sexy Programmers Deserve Vacations

Oh, m'lords and m'ladies: It makes me feel so tingly inside to see you here. I regret to inform you that Sexy Programmer Thursday is sipping daquiris and tanning its special coding regions this week, but next week all sultry tanlines will be revealed to you and things will be hotter than ever. Why don't you lust after this for a week or so in the meantime?

See you tomorrow, mefriends.

p.s. - I've never been one to point out packages (HA!), but get a load of Wild Bill's package. I know I'd like to! YOWZA!


Freddy said...

hilarious photo! Love it!

Alice said...

Package? Where? ; )

Bee said...

gah! I just love the way his sweater outlines his muscles!