Monday, August 9, 2010

My Gift to You.

There are moments in life when we tend to feel somber:
Your boo's period's late, or you're the unibomber.
Sometimes in our lives we all could use some friends.
Like that time your wife found that new wart on her gens.
Often, life gives us lemons; it drops a grenade-
A herpal grenade you caught from some skanktown named Jade.
But in times of need, you're never alone
I'm here to support you and thrown you a bone.
A cheaply made present is what you will get;
I'm too poor for Photoshop, so it's cheap
But it's Woolery, nonetheless, swathed in dogs' licks
Turn that frown upside down, dude:  this is your fix.
If you know someone out there who is down on his luck
Give him something to believe in: send him Dogs Licking Chuck

Because I love you, I will give you the ultimate gift.  My gift to you: Dogs Lick Chuck.


Richard said...

Thanks. I thought for sure that I'd be suffering from a bad case of the "Monday's", but thanks to you (and to Chuck & his canine friends) my frown's turned upside down.

When I saw this I had the same feeling I had as when I first saw the Mean Joe Green Coke commercial.

Today, it's your post that is, "the pause that refreshes"! Or should I saw paws?

cory said...

it's like you posted this just for me. I did just find a new wart on my wife's gens. And my boo's period is late to boot!

I do feel better now! much obliged, donzer!

C. Cocksedge said...

Wow. What a refreshing sight THAT was!

On the other hand, I feel as if I just received the equivalent of a 'Rick Roll'.

Boots Freeman said...

I'm so hot for Dogs Lick Chuck. My mother in law is going to love this.